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Cayon Football Club’s Players’ Profile

C360_2014-10-26-22-09-34-665Name: Valentine Anthony


Age: 25
Number of years playing football:   Seventeen (17)
Number of years playing with the
Cayon Football Club: “I have been a member of the Cayon Football Club for about Nine (9) years now”
How did you become interested
in the game of football? “I come from a line of football players.  My father played football back in his time and he often participated in the Cayon Community Football League which was held annually.  It just happens that he was a goalkeeper and now I also have the same position on the field.”
What motivates you as a player? “My players are my biggest motivation.  These guys look up to me to put out 100 percent every game; so I give 200 percent just incase I fall short, they will still get 100.  We all make mistakes but we encourage each other.  The Cayon Football Club is my family; I love them!”
Who is your football icon and why? “My football icon is Manuel Peter Neuer.  He is a German goalkeeper.  His style and techniques teach me a lot about goalkeeping.  In my opinion, Manuel is the best goalkeeper in the world!”
If you can change one thing about
Football in St. Kitts and Nevis, what
would it be and why? “Footballers in St. Kitts and Nevis should be playing at a professional level.  I think it is time that footballers are paid here in the Federation.  There is a saying, ‘what you put in is what you get out’ we put in a lot into the sport but if money is involved we will be even more motivated to push more.  This way the SKNFA would make more money from the sport too.”
Do you agree with the theme
“It Takes a Community to Raise
A Champion Team?” Briefly
explain your answer: “For the team to continue to grow and rise, we need the full support of the community.  Over the past years, Cayon has been experiencing challenges which caused our community to be divided and I think football is the ingredient to pull our youth and community together.  I feel good hearing positive things about the young men in Cayon.  People on the outside may judge us based on what they read in the media about crime and violence but there is a positive motion happening in Cayon and we need our community to continue to bond together and rise with us, the young people!  Our young people have made mistakes, but with the love and guidance of the Cayon Football Club members, players and the community members we will show the world that our young people Can Get It Right!”

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