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Protests Continues

10689927_522688784532609_4599962412438739945_n10603634_522688771199277_5560010198839110206_nThe following excerpt from one of the many stories on the BHS saga captures the character of the illegitimate Douglas administration…insensitive and heartless. And when you combine those attributes with incompetence!…you get toxic and destructive results…as we have seen many times, over some 20 years, and as we are seeing now with the BHS…no surprise there!

A teacher who lives in Sandy Point said she was willing to be moved as she has general health issues and the alleged health problems at BHS were not helping. The Observer was told shortly after she became unsteady on her feet and the principal had to rush from the head table where she sat with Ministry officials to assist the woman. An ambulance had to be called and the teacher taken to the JNF Hospital. A next educator said during the whole ordeal, “not one of the Ministry officials moved to see if they could help or ask if she was ok”

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