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20150428_211326Meet our Player for the Week


NAME: Vinceroy Nelson


Age: 19


How do you feel about the new partnership between Cayon Football Club and LIME 4G?


“I am actually happy about the partnership between our Cayon Football Club and LIME 4G.  As a matter of fact, I’m proud to be wearing a jersey that’s branded with LIME’s Logo!”


Do you think LIME 4G’s sponsorship is beneficial to the club?  Briefly explain your answer. 


“Of course LIME 4G’s sponsorship is beneficial to our club!  Our equipment has upgraded, our jerseys are upgraded, our hope is upgraded and even our fan base has upgraded as well.  We have basically upgraded all around since LIME 4G’s partnership came about.


Would you encourage other businesses to get involved in team sponsorship?  Why?


“Other businesses should indeed get on board and sponsor other teams; not only in football but across the other sporting organizations.  It takes financial strains off of the clubs so this way, the clubs can focus on building the sport discipline as opposed to struggling to raise funds.  It is also a great marketing strategy for businesses.”


How did football help you develop as an individual?


“Football has helped me grow into the man that I’ve become.  It taught me discipline, time management and it strengthened my level of team work.  I would encourage other youths to get involved in sporting activities as sports help individuals to grow positively.”


Do you think the Cayon community has benefited or will benefit from the football club’s existence?


“The Cayon community has benefitted greatly from the football club’s existence.  Sports brought about peace amongst a number of young males.  Some persons were actually shocked to see youth from Upper and Lower Cayon working together so well to achieve a common goal.  That in itself should be a great reward for the residents of the community.  The football club gave many of our young men hope!”


How do you see LIME 4G Cayon Rockets contributing positively to society?


“Our LIME 4G Cayon Rockets has already began contributing positively to our society; this is so as it is evident at the park when we see many community residents coming together to support us.  I think we actually give the community something to look forward to and many have gone from expressing negative things about the young men to actually encouraging us to do good.”


What does LIME 4G mean to you?


“Before, I saw LIME as the business that provided phone and internet services but now, I see LIME 4G as Hope!  They believed in us, regardless of the many persons who had given up on our young men.”



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