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The Epitome of Organizational Commitment and Employee Loyalty

IMG_88261IMG_8841IMG_8820IMG_8810In a market known for high employee turnover, where employees are known to leave a company after only working for a month, or a week, or at times, even a single day, what can only be described as “Rare Gem,” a Statistical Anomaly, or an “Outlier,” are words synonymous with Mr. Rueben “Brady” Morris.  In a quiet but rather significant retirement luncheon ceremony, held at Hermitage Hotel on Wednesday April 30th, Brady received a hero’s farewell.   Brady began his tenure at TDC in January 1973, as a Sales Representative at the TDC Drinks Depot, serving there for 42 consecutive years.  However, prior to joining that specific outlet, he spend 5 years working for TDC’s predecessor, H. F. Wilder & Company, in a similar capacity.  Brady arrived at TDC during the days when few Black & White televisions existed on Nevis…  When Dick’s Bar was popular, a venue that saw him shake a leg multiple times with the ladies… or so he says.   When TDC Drinks Depot was on Main Street… And when a Sparkle soda, then called a “Bryson” was only EC $0.15 or EC $2.50 per case.


In describing Brady, words such as polite, helpful, honest, and always quick to assist are some of the attributes that race to mind.  No job seemed too much for him.    All customers were always treated as equals from those who bought one case to those who bought 50 cases.  And the service he delivered was always marked with a warmth that left customers saying, “There’s a one of a kind employee!”


In asking around, persons commented saying that his extra-curricular activities always helped to keep him grounded.  As a race horse Owner and Trainer, Brady recalls owning ten horses, of which “Demolish” or the “TDC Horse,” as it was called back then, reigned supreme for several years.  Brady was able to carve out a niche outside of the workspace which allowed his mind to escape, and even with his multiple victories and fame, Brady remained humble.


In giving remarks, Mr. Ernie France, Managing Director for TDC Nevis Ltd., noted that “Brady has been a pillar of strength for the TDC Drinks Depot and an Ambassador for the company at large. Similar sentiments were echoed by Mr. Earle Kelly, Chairman for the TDC Group of Companies.   Mr. Kelly remarked saying, “Brady you have served TDC for a long time, a fruitful time, and it may be difficult if not impossible, for TDC to ever repay you for your meaningful contribution.” When it was Brady’s turn to speak, he gazed sheepishly around the room, then he went on to express his gratitude for the years of employment, enjoyment, and many memories that TDC afforded him.


When asked about his tenure, Brady said he had witnessed the evolutionary and revolutionary transformation of TDC over the years; had worked alongside 6 General Managers at the TDC Drinks Depot; and served under 4 different TDC Chairmen.   As for his most memorable moment, he declared learning lessons from Mr. Michael King, a former TDC Chairman, helped him to be the person he is today.  He closed by commented that his youth had only now begun.


So how can young professionals today emulate Brady?  First, they must understand a few terms. Terms such as dedication, commitment, respect, professionalism, and teamwork.   Second, they must approach their job not as basic employment but as a career that will mold their life’s journey.    Last, they ought to embrace change be it, human resources, operational, processual, or otherwise, as change is evitable.


We all join in wishing Mr. Rueben Brady Morris an enjoyable retirement.



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