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Free to play mode of CS: GO

One of the most famous games of the last decade, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), has changed its concept to a free-to-play mode. This controversial move didn’t impress hardcore players of the online platform.

Why is it the problem?

The developers stated that the full game of CS: GO could be accessed by all players without extra charges. Previously, the game had been relatively affordable, with the average price of almost $15. From now on, everyone can download the game at no charge. There will be a premium membership available, the so-called prime status, which will be given to players who have already paid for the game. New players will be able to but a prime membership too by either reaching rank 21 or by paying $15. The major benefit hidden behind a prime membership is access to special items and weapon cases. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But why do many players stay unhappy?

The problem is that the customer base is unhappy about these changes, and the game’s Steam page has already received more than 13,000 negative feedbacks since the last update. There is a serious issue of cheating in CS: GO, and players are scared of continuous worsening of this problem. In other words, making the game free will contribute to more and more scams and frauds. Currently, whenever a user is caught cheating, his or her account is automatically suspended or banned. With the free-to-play model, it becomes much easier for cheaters to simply create a new profile and proceed with cheating again.

Don’t worry, things are not that bad as they look. This problem can be avoided by those who have prime membership, as they can play only with other prime players. To become a prime member, you need to specify your phone number and make a payment, which makes it more difficult for cheaters to develop multiple prime status accounts. Ideally, playing as a prime member will reduce the numbers of cheaters. In practice, many people still say that there is much cheating even in these matches.

What’s more is that some players complain that the update makes the game unbalanced. Usually, this involves certain systems managing Intel iGPU graphics. By visiting, you will see that CS: GO is one of the relatively rare games that provide its players with an AAA approach even to underpowered integrated GPUs. Such things encourage players to stay with them no matter what.

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