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How to Bet on the Outcome in Boxing?

The bet on the outcome in boxing is the most popular. It is given by all the bookmakers of the world, which, in principle, offer a bet on this sport. The essence of the bet is that the bettor needs to guess the winner of the match or put on a draw, if the line of a specific bookmaker suggests it. Draws in boxing are extremely rare. Especially in the entertainment fights of professionals, where the referee, as a rule, prefers one of the fighters, even if the fight itself was generally drawn. Try your luck at but before getting started learn more about betting on boxing.

Tips for Betting on the Outcome

More often, betting on the outcome is done on the favorite. Standard quotes for such fighters range between 1.05-1.30 (if the favorite is clear) and 1.50-1.70 (if the rivals are approximately equal). Unlike other sports, in boxing the best fighters can give out long series without defeats, or even not to lose at all. Therefore, if possible, you can try express trains to increase the final ratio.

Bookmakers lay a large margin on the box and still remain a plus. Slightly higher odds on fights are about equal opponents, but it is extremely difficult to predict the outcome of such fights.

Bets on the outcome have their own types. The victory of one of the boxers can be achieved in a number of ways, for which top companies also accept bets:

  • Victory on points (full fight);
  • A knockout victory (one of the boxers can no longer take part in the fight);
  • Technical knockout (the referee or the team of one of the fighters stop the fight);
  • Victory due to disqualification.
  • Victory in 2 outcomes.

What is winning in 2 outcomes in boxing? This question is being asked by many bettors, who only master boxing bets. The answer is simple - bookmakers take bets only on the victory of the first or second fighter without a draw. If a tie happens, at the rate of return occurs, and the money raised is returned to the player.

To make successful bets on boxing fights, you must take into account the specifics of this sport. You should bet only on those battles for which you have complete information: what kind of boxers will be there, what style do they have, how often they are injured, how did their battles end before, did they meet in full-time bout, how many early victories and defeats took place.

If we are talking about a professional fight, then its date becomes known in advance. In addition to studying statistics, you need to carefully monitor what is happening in the camps of athletes before the fight. Look for interviews of fighters and coaches, watch for sparrings, workouts, collect information bit by bit - this will give the result. In addition, study the quotes of a number of bookmakers, since in boxing serious discrepancies in odds are not rare.

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